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Here's the show from the previous week, along with a grading, review and quote.

"Per Manum"8x08
Air date: 2/18/01

'Per Manum'
When Scully digs deeper into reports of alien fertialization she questions her own pregnancy and it's conceptions.
-X-Files offical site
(if you want more information please check out my links bar and see the 'x-files offical site')

Comments: good, but I was expecting more!

Review: note: I was unnable to do a review this week. check out www.thex-files.com for FOX'S review on Per Manum.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 7

Next Episode:

'This is not Happening':
Doggett calls on another agent to assist the Mulder case but Scully's fears about finding him come to head with the sudden recovery of abductees seized at the same time.
-X-Files offical site